Rock&Reel is a creation of its friends and fans. Cristian and Marzena are immensely thankful, to the countless people who encouraged them to transition, from Sea guiding as a hobby to taking it to the next level. You can discover more about their history and how Rock&Reel came to be below.

Marzena and Cristian are the founders of Rock&Reel. They met one afternoon while having a drink in a local bar, and from the very first moment, it was clear they clicked instantly. After hours of discussing fishing, traveling, and sea adventures, they decided to go fishing early the next morning. That morning led to another, and another, and another. They had so much fun, that they soon began sharing it with friends, family, and the growing crowd of fans, these unique individuals were attracting along their journey.

Just before COVID, and after traveling and fishing on five continents. Marzena decided it was time to settle in one place, join Cristian in his Portuguese adventure, and together establish Rock&Reel.

“Sharing so much fun needs to happen,” says Marzena, reminiscing about their first Island Fishing adventure together. On the other hand, Cristian finds their lifestyle inspiring at a level that could bring about change. They wanted to protect the very element that brought them together—the sea—but on their terms and for the long run.

They firmly believe there are multiple ways to preserve the sea while engaging with it. This is their stance, something they incorporate into all their activities. They encourage interacting with the sea, respecting it, and having a ton of fun. They’ll help you discover it on a level that will bring a smile to your face, foster a connection, and instill a desire to protect it. I can attest from personal experience that this bond is lifelong.

If you want to stay updated and learn about Sea Life, Sustainable fishing, and natural conservation, feel free to join them on their trips or follow Rock&Reel on social media channels.