Rock and Reel Founder

Cristian was born to be an ocean guide. It became crystal clear after his reaction when he opened his 3rd birthday present: a fishing rod. 10 minutes latter he has make his dad promise him to go fishing the same day. A couple of months later, he started coastal foraging and surfing, as you can imagine the list of water activity became endless. There are still some pictures of him as a child teaching his friends everything he had learned the day before from his dad or has discover by himself.

During his childhood, his favorite moment came every morning when his dad woke him up with the sunrise. It meant that he was allowed to join a new fishing or costal foraging adventure. They would walk quietly out of the beach house with a package of Maria biscuits in one hand and the fishing tackle in the other. After, the bike ride holding in the back sit of his dad bicycle, he felt so awake, alive and ready to help gathering lunch. This is probably his happiest memory.

His dad and his grandpa taught him the old fishing tricks, how to predict the weather, and how to respect the ocean so that he could have a fish on the table the day after tomorrow. He decided to embrace this as a part of himself.

Cristian still proudly remembers how an allergic reaction during his childhood made his skin full of little scales, which he wore proudly, saying that he knew he was meant to be a fish. He also remembers how, after learning how to predict weather changes, the grandmothers of the neighborhood used to ask him for the weather forecast, as if he were some kind of shamanic kid.

He grew close to the sea until he was 20 and decided to live in several countries, learning about different cultures that changed the way he saw the world. But one thing that stayed constant was his love for that salty water that seemed to run through his veins.

During his extensive travels, he always brought his fishing rod and learned about the seafood and fishing techniques of the places where he was welcomed. He fished on Europe’s west coast from South Spain to Sweden, the UK, Canary Islands, and even became friends with a tribe of gypsy fishermen in Thailand, where he ended up fishing with them and playing some kind of Thai Beach Volley.

As the water enthusiast that he is, he has never stopped adding water activities to his list of favorite things to do. Nowadays, you can find him fishing from the shore or underwater, picking seafood, surfing, cooking, or sharing all of this with friends.

Cristian truly enjoys sharing his unique perspective of the sea, and if he can inspire people along the way, life would be even better for him. He is at his best while while working with Marzena and sharing all his passions with you through a Rock&Reel activity.