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Rock&Reel’s tide pool safari is a must-do when you come to Portugal’s Aljezur area! Marzena and Cristian create an unforgettable experience by sharing their wealth of knowledge about ocean animals and the coastal region. Whether you’re young or old, you’ll learn something amazing and get to observe a variety of creatures up close. It’s super educational and fun at the same time!

Julia Bear

Such passionate and delightful hosts!!! Engaging, knowledgeable, considerate and all smiles. They’re love of sharing their life and passion is above none else


We loved the island fishing trip with Marzena and Cristian at Rock&Reel! It was an adventurous experience that brought our senses alive: geared up in wetsuits, water shoes, and with a boogie board in hand, we lunged into the ocean and swam 200m to a rocky outcrop where Marzena and Cristian demonstrated and taught us about the tackle and gear. We fished all day and even caught some fish! It was extremely gratifying to have such fresh and self-caught dinner!

Julia Dorn

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Rock and Reel Founder
Cristian was born to be an ocean guide. It became crystal clear after his reaction when he opened his 3rd birthday present: a fishing rod. On that...


Rock and Reel co-Founder
Marzena spent her early childhood on a farm, caring for dogs, cats, chickens, pigs, and cows. She loved being outdoors and close to animals. At...


The Rock&Reel Team!
Our passion for the ocean and its life brought us together. We have been tide pooling and fishing on 5 continents but finally decided to stay in...

Fun. Sustainable. Inspiring. Educational. Adventurous.

Fun: We love to be outdoors, being active, walking by the tide pools, trekking by the cliff, or swimming to the fishing spot. Let’s get salty and enjoy ourselves.

Sustainable: The sea has taught us so much about the life cycle. Let’s get closer to the food that we eat and make conscious choices.

Inspiring: It’s in our own blood, to walk the road less travelled. Let us refresh your day.

Educational: We feel that it is our duty to share what nature has taught us and because learning needs to be fun, allow us to make you smile in the process.

Adventurous: The sea opened up a playground for us. Let’s get wild.


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